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The product targets the crowds’ management problem through deploying a network of smart cameras.  Each Camera will run cutting  edge Deep Learning algorithms for trip wire detection, loitering detection, unattended object detection, congestion detection, and brawling detection. The network of smart cameras shall share metadata of the scene to help in the problem of action recognition and prediction. The metadata will be sent via secure socket layer (SSL) connections over LTE wireless network.
The system is pre-programmed to monitor certain events. On the occurrence of an event, the control center is notified, with only the video feed bounding the event is transmitted over the air, where a human operator can give more attention to the situation at hand.
This product solves the fundamental problems of the cloud-based analytics systems: latency and bandwidth utilization

Main features:

  • Use of Deep learning algorithms on Edge IoT devices
  • Use of multi-cam to fuse perspectives
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cyber Security using TLS
  • Events to be monitored are programmed