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Deep Learning Engineer

Main responsibilities

  • You will participate in design and development of prototypes for action recognition smart Cameras.
  • You will work with the development (designing, training, analyzing and evaluating) of Deep Learning networks and Computer Vision algorithms.
  • You will have the chance to work on solving interesting problems such as action recognition, multi sensor fusion and optimization of deep algorithms to work on embedded device with limited power and memory constraints
  • You will be responsible for developing and validating regression test cases
  • Developing complex perception algorithms integrating across multiple sensing devices


Required qualifications:

  • BSc/MSc in Electrical Engineering /Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Prior experience within Deep Learning models development and architectures associated with object detection and tracking is preferred.
  • Prior experience with Deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe is preferred
  • Fluency in Python and/or C/C++
  • Experience with OpenCV is preferred
  • Experience in working with software development in embedded real time systems
  • Prior Experience with source control, code reviews, and bug tracking systems
  • Understanding of networking protocols such as (TCP/IP) and related technologies is preferred
  • Knowledge about vision sensors such as camera, LIDARs, etc.


Personal qualities:

  • Communicative and sociable, team oriented
  • Analytic problem solver
  • Curious and continuously searching for new knowledge
  • Attention to detail and strong sense of responsibility
  • Able to work on challenging assignments with aggressive schedules
  • Persistence in pursuing root cause of problems and finding a solution
  • Results driven – finds new and better ways
  • Strongly self-motivated
  • A hands-on approach to problems. Learn by doing

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume and a cover letter to